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The ongoing familial conflict between Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin has been a recurring news story for several years now. Often, it seemed like it was resolved before a new piece of evidence popped up, reigniting the drama once again. Now, though, it seems like that may finally be coming towards an end. After Weiner’s latest sexting scandal, Huma Abedin has finally filed for divorce, and Weiner is facing possible jail time. The controversy has been more important as it may seem at first glance- some people think that resurgence of it during the 2016 election was one of the blows that sunk Hillary Clinton’s campaign. But now, we’re finally going to get a conclusion.

According to this article in the New York Post, the family initially filed to have the divorce held in secret, with their names stricken from the record of the case documents. Huma said that she wanted to keep the case secret in order to spare their child from any possible distress. But the judge wasn’t so sure that it would held. He said that because the case was already such a public one, taking names from the record would have little impact on the visibility of it. As such, the case will proceed as normal.

Huma isn’t unjustified in her concerns though. Even “regular” divorces can have quite an impact on a child, particularly a young one. They may not understand entirely what’s going on and feel lost, confused, or abandoned by their parents. When the case is as public and tumultuous as one like this, things can be even worse. The events will come under much more intense scrutiny. Everyone the child meets will know about and have an opinion on the state of their parents’ marriage. An environment like that, filled with constant negative messages, feeling like one of the key foundations of their life is being dissolved, can be terrible for a child. The desire by the parents to protect their kids from these feelings is a natural one. Unfortunately, it’s often not that simple.

Of course, not all divorces are equal. These Manhattan divorce lawyers talk about some of the many different types of divorces, and the various paths families have to ensure everything is worked out as smoothly as possible. Contested divorces, in which couples cannot resolve their priorities in the divorce without the help of a court, can be some of the most stressful for a child. But mediated and collaborative divorces, in which couples either work with an attorney or with a mediator outside of court in order to come to a mutually beneficial agreement, can be much less stressful on the family.

Not every divorce is going to be as tumultuous as that of Weiner and Abedin. But not matter the context, it will almost always be one of the most stressful and difficult times in people’s lives. For the sake of their children and their own happiness, it’s important for couples going through it to understand their options and pick the one best for them.