Do Commercial Truck Drivers Get Drug Tested After Crashes?

Do Commercial Truck Drivers Get Drug Tested After Crashes?

You might be wondering if Commercial Truck Drivers Drug Tested After Crashes. If so, you are not alone! There is lots of misinformation about this topic circulating the internet, and it’s hard to know what to trust. So we did some research for you and got the answer straight from the source: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). We’ll give you all the details below, but first, let’s take a look at how they test drivers after crashes.

The truck driver is drug-tested by law enforcement officers following an accident when they have been deemed “at fault.” This means that there was a collision or near-miss with another vehicle or object on the road in which either party could have prevented the accident.

The drug test is compulsory, and the driver has to provide a urine sample within two hours of an incident for it to be accepted by law enforcement officials as evidence of impairment or intoxication at the time of the crash. The results are then relayed back to FMCSA to compile their research data and arrive at a conclusion about the drugs consumed by the driver.

What If You Get Hit By Such A Driver?

If a truck driver hits you under the influence of drugs, it is essential not to do anything that could disrupt the investigation. When law enforcement officials arrive at the scene, they will either take your statement and contact any other parties involved in the incident or transport you to the hospital for treatment – whichever option applies.

The best thing you can do in this situation is call the police and report everything to them immediately. If you need immediate medical attention, then try to explain the same thing to the police officer on the phone line so that you can be taken to a hospital soon. This step will also help you (and work as evidence) later on when you decide to sue the truck driver with the help of a skilled personal injury lawyer or law firm like SHW Law. So, follow these instructions without any failure.

How Can You Avoid Being Victims of Ponzi Schemes?

How Can You Avoid Being Victims of Ponzi Schemes?

The US stock market is undoubtedly the biggest stock market in the world, with a total capitalization of over $25 trillion. Every year, millions of people put their life savings into various securities listed on NYSE, believing that they will grow with time and help them improve their wealth. 

While this hype is true, it also makes people trust many fake schemes that are claimed to be profit-generating machines. Such schemes, often known as Ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes, lure common people into investing them by promising higher than normal returns. 

The early investors are paid high returns so that they can spread words about these schemes and ask their friends or family members to join. Once there are enough investors on board, the scheme owner runs away without paying a single penny to investors. 

These schemes have been going on for the last many decades. Though the government is pretty strict about brokers and finance companies who launch Ponzi schemes, somehow, they have managed to snatch hundreds of billions of dollars from people so far. 

Protection Against Ponzi Schemes:

Many believe that people who invest money in Ponzi schemes are common people with little or no knowledge of finance. It’s not true. Ponzi schemes manage to cheat people from all walks of life. From money managers to Hollywood stars, politicians, and business owners, they snatch money from anyone and everyone who tries to make a lot of money in a short span of time. 

If you want to avoid being a victim of these schemes, then choose your investments carefully. Don’t invest in any scheme blindly because your broker asks you to do it. Conduct thorough research on a personal level, read about them online, and ask your close friends about them before taking the final call. 

Lastly, if you suspect that your broker has made you invest in such a scheme, then reach out to and take the necessary steps to sue the broker before it’s too late to do anything. Keep these points in mind, so you don’t have to lose your money in the future.

It’s Time to Discuss Statutory Rape Laws

This is an uncomfortable topic, so it makes sense that we as a culture try to avoid it, but here it is: teenagers engage in behavior that we would rather they wait on. This has been true from the beginning of time.

Another uncomfortable fact: teenagers are neither children nor adults. They have to be protected (both by parents and the law), but they also need more freedom because they are not completely incapable of making decisions for themselves.

In everyday life, we accept this. We know teenagers are in a gray area. We give them the chance to drive at 16 even though they are still, legally, children in every other sense. Why are we willing to trust children with massive vehicles that can go dangerous speeds and cause great damage? Well, most people would say they aren’t children, at least in that case.

What about leaving a 16-year-old home alone? If they are children, that is surely child abandonment, yet most of us would maintain they are, again, if not quite adults, still not children anymore.

Yet when it comes to issues of sex, we as a society like to think in black and white. Under-18 is a child, and they have no business doing anything a child wouldn’t do.

On the face of it, this is an absurd point. First of all, exactly what the age of consent should be is massively different across the world and even the country. Many Western countries mark consent around 15 or 16, South Korea marks it at 20. In the States, it falls somewhere between 16 and 18. So, when is a person legally able to decide? No one really seems to know.

This is not an arbitrary point. Statutory rape laws are in place in states like Texas that don’t allow for any nuance. There are even cases, though they are rare, of two consenting teenagers, both under age, being charged. The results of a statutory rape charge can be life-shattering. According to the Law Office of Mark T. Lassiter, it can result in years in prison and massive fines.

These punishments may seem fair when the criminal in everyone’s mind is some adult in their 40s praying on the innocent, but they can affect teenagers themselves just as often, if not more. An 18-year-old senior in high school dating a 15-year-old freshman is at risk of criminal charges under this system.

This is a country that can’t really decide when a person should be an adult. At 16, we drive, at 18 we vote, smoke, and join the army, at 21 we drink. Culturally, people are still considered immature halfway through their 20s. So, when is a person an adult? It seems we can see gray on this issue for everything except one thing: sex. And that is destroying lives.

It’s time for America to have an uncomfortable conversation and get this right.

Tell Someone and Get a Restraining Order

I have a story. A friend of mine came to me recently and told me she thinks she’s being stalked by someone. This guy, it turns out, isn’t exactly an ex-boyfriend. They were acquaintances, and he took her out two or three times for some semi-romantic outings. They went to the movies, dinner, had a few chats. She told me she called it off after only a couple of dates.

Well, he’s been after her ever since. At first, it was friendly messages on Facebook and Twitter, asking to get together, and after she made it clear that wasn’t going to happen, just random chats with occasional bits of begging to give him another chance.

My friend is pretty cute, and she’s funny and easy to fall in love with, so this wasn’t that unusual for her. She has a “let them down slowly and easily” policy where she tries to slowly cut off guys who just don’t get the hint.

Well, this guy got the hint, and then he got angry about it. He started sending her angry messages about how she led him on, how he broke up with a girlfriend (never before mentioned), and how she owes him another chance. It got pretty ugly, I guess, and so she unfriended him and blocked him on all accounts.

Unfortunately, it’s still going on now. He has her address, so he’s shown up a few times. He hasn’t been aggressive or angry, but he has tried to come into her place more than once. He’s asked for more dates. He even sent her flowers at work.

I was shocked to hear all of this, obviously. You see these sorts of things in movies, but I had no idea it was happening to my friend and for so long. I consider myself a pretty support guy when it comes to my female friends. I listen to their problems, and I try to help however I can. The fact my friend thought I “just wouldn’t care” hurts, but also makes me examine exactly what messages I’m sending out to her to make her think that.

In order to support her better, I’ve been doing some research on restraining orders. Apparently, this issue is far more prevalent than I thought.

So, I want to send out a few words of advice to my female friends. If you are having a problem with somebody like this, speak up. Tell people. A lot of them are going to be more supportive than you might think. Also, go to the police or a lawyer and find out how to make this person quit. They may just seem pathetic at first, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of much worse.

I’m glad our society is starting to take these issues more seriously, and I think all of us can do more to make sure these problems go away. My friend deserves to be able to go home without worrying about someone she doesn’t want being there. All women do. We have to make this stuff stop.

Wisconsin Motorcycle Fatality

Motorcycles are a very popular mode of transportation for many reasons, including increased gas mileage, the advantages of a small vehicle, and the overall enjoyment of driving. However, motorcycles leave their drivers exposed to a multitude of risks on the road. Motorcycles present different safety issues than cars, as these vehicles do not have any outside metal to protect their passengers, and they rarely include any other safety precautions. For this reason, accidents that involve motorcycles are often very severe and frequently result in fatalities. Fox 11 Online has written an article about a recent motorcycle crash in Outagamie County that had a fatal result.

On the night of August 28th, two motorcyclists collided on Highway O in Center, Wisconsin, a small town just outside of Appleton. The vehicles were moving in opposite directions down the two-way highway and reached a curve in the road. As the westbound vehicle followed the curve, the driver collided with another oncoming motorcycle. Three individuals were involved in this crash, as the eastbound motorcycle also had a woman as a passenger. Although all three people were wearing helmets at the time of the crash, unfortunately, both drivers were killed in the accident. Although the passenger survived, she was seriously injured, and paramedics rushed her to the hospital after the crash. The sheriff overseeing the crash did not have any further information about her condition. The accident is under investigation by the local sheriff’s department, in order to better understand what caused this devastating crash.

This horrific accident has no doubt had a large effect on this community and the drivers’ friends and loved ones. Although there is nothing we can do to reverse the effects of this event, it seems that we cannot help but to wonder what caused this accident to occur. Perhaps the westbound driver became distracted and lost control of his motorcycle, maybe the motorcycle dangerously malfunctioned and the driver could not avoid a crash, or perhaps even unsafe road conditions caused the vehicle to move erratically. We can see retrospectively, in each of these possible circumstances, actions could have been taken beforehand to prevent this accident from ever happening. Another person’s negligence may have caused this fatal accident, and if circumstances were different these drivers may still be alive.

For the passenger who survived this accident, the recovery period will likely be long and painful. Not only will she be facing the physical injuries that she sustained, but she must also manage the emotional pain of this loss, and the financial consequences of her care. Unfortunately, after most serious accidents, victims face significant medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages from time away from work. However, these individuals do not have to pay these costs alone. According to this Wisconsin motorcycle accident lawyer, financial compensation obtained through a lawsuit can help accident victims recover from some of the losses. Although this money will not take away the grief from an accident, it can help individuals manage one element of their devastation.

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